Vertebración Asociación PAD

Current Choreographic Creation
Entry and exit of Andalusia
April 10 and 11, in the Sala Manuel García at the Maestranza Theater, Seville

This edition wanted to take a turn and is presented as a sample of the current choreographic language in Andalusia connected with the rest of the communities, made up of short pieces and adding video-dance as a key part of the show.

The program of this eighth edition of Vertebración is:

«Animales», an action created by Cristina Hall and Álvaro Romero
«Duet Alanda», duo of the company Marcat Dance, choreographed by Mario Bermúdez.
«Criaturas», a solo by the choreographer and dancer Rebeca Carrera.
«Rara Avis», choreography by Manuela Nogales that has 5 interpreters.
«Timeslice», proposal by Violeta Casal and José Ruiz collaborating with other interpreters.
and the video-dance:
«Tránsito’s» by Ana Capilla»
Circles Babelianos» by Emma Villavecchia
«Del Migrar» of the company. Enbalance
«Mustum» of the Gestring Sisters


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